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Why La Manchas?  
La Manchas are the ONLY ADGA recognized breed of goat that is an AMERICAN breed!   A medium sized  goat, they hold their own, with does ranging from 120 to 150 pounds and bucks 180-200 pounds  La Manchas have an open registry right now and any doe 87.5 % or higher, can be registered as an American La Mancha (provided both parents have paperwork that can be traced back with ADGA).  The endearing physical feature, is their apparent lack of ears.  Though this is NORMAL, (and no, they are not cropped), this throws some people off.  

 La Manchas milk well, often giving on average 1 to 1 1/2 gallons per day of creamy, tasty milk. Their docile temperaments lend them to being wonderful family milkers, for even children can handle them with ease. 

Reserving a kid:  A $100.00  deposit is required on all kids.  This deposit is non-refundable, unless we cannot meet your request.  All kids are bottled exclusively  OR bottle/dam combo-raised so they grow FAST but also remain friendly.  All  kids are to be picked up by 4 weeks of age.  Any kid remaining after this, will be charged a $5.00 a day boarding fee (unless prior arrangements have been made.

We will provide buck service for other goats provided they are in good health and free of any visible disease (lumps, hoof rot, etc) at time of breeding.  Price is $50.00 per doe. We CAN board 1-2 does and boarding fee is an additional $25.00/week per doe, in addition to the service fee above.

We would like to introduce

our small herd to you:


ADGA Shady Lawn "Lexi" (registered name: SE Burlesque)
DOB: 4/8/2011


Lexi is an amazing girl.  We purchased her from Shady Lawn Dairy goats in KY and she has some fabulous genetics behind her.  The best thing besides her ability to milk and her superior "build" is her fabulous personality.  She is very affectionate and loves to give kisses.  She has finished champions on both sides of her lines.

She has a super soft, buttery udder and milks VERY easily. 
We love her topline, width and depth and just overall general appearance. 

Will be bred to BRED TO Avenger for 2017.  

 Reservations open.
Doelings- $400.00 
Bucklings- $350.00 

(2016 female above)




Above is a gallery of Lexi's "relatives".All pictures courtesy of Shady Lawn Dairy Goats owned by April Hitch in Kentucky.
1-  Sire: Shammy's Tu Sentinel

2-  Dam: Shady Lawn Classy Beauty

3- DS: South Fork Class Act (93EEE @ 8 years old)


ADGA Streams of Mercy Elaluie (Ella)

DOB: 6/30/2014

S: Little Orchard TG  Bon Jovi (Popeyes)
      SS:South-Fork JS True Grit
      SD: Little Orchard BR Joyful Song
D: SCH Lynnhaven KT Laila Tov
     DS: Kastedmur's Kiss This
     DD:  SCH Lynnhaven LAN Dawn Treader

ELLA is a sweet, sweet girl.  She is unusual in that she is a "roan", yet a purebred La Mancha.  She boasts amazing milk production on both sides as well as champion wins in ADGA shows.      At only 4 weeks of age, Ella took Grand Champion La Mancha junior doe  at an ADGA open show in the summer of 2014. Her dam, Qadosh Adamah is a finished champion as of 2017.

Pictures above in gallery:
1- DAM: Qadosh Adamah Laila Tov
2- SIRE: Little Orchard Bon Jovi (Popeyes)
3- DD: CH Lynhaven Dawn Treader
4- DD: CH Lynhaven Dawn Treader- rear shot
5- First freshening udder on dam, CH Qadosh Adamah Laila Tov
6- DS- Kastdemur Kiss This

Ella has a lot of powerful lines behind her and as of November 2015, the owner of both Dawn and Laila reports that they are BOTH giving a gallon a day of goat milk!!  2016 update on Laila: She is freshening now at close to 2 gallons a day! NEWS FLASH (June 2017)- Laila Tov secured her second grand champion win and is now a finished grand champion! Her dam, Dawn is a finished champion as well!

Ella will be bred to Avenger for 2018 kids.
Doelings: 1st will be retained
Bucklings: $400.00


ADGA Psalm100 CJS  Shomera's Gate
DOB: 6/1/2015

S: Shady Lawn C Justice Sanctified  (his picture below at bottom of page)
     SS: Autumn Acres Justified
     SD: Mint*Leaf Champaigne
D: Shady Lawn SE Burlesque (Lexi..see above  :) for her picture)
     DS: Shammy's TU Sentinel
     DD: Shady Lawn Classy Beauty

Shomera is a lovely  doe who grew QUITE well, despite being a "June" kid.  With the powerhouse of goat lineage behind her, we hope for GREAT things from her in the milk pail as well as in the ring.  She is pictured above as a second freshening 2 year old.  Below are kids from the past 2 years. (first 2 pics are the same goat, as a kid and as a yearling.  Third pic is a doeling from 2017.  Sire is Act for both years)

Shomera will be bred to  Avenger for 2018 kids! 
Reservations open 
Doelings- $350.00
Bucklings- $300.00


ADGA Psalm100 Zion

                                   DOB: April 2016

Zion is a yearling FF in 2017 and she has a beautiful udder: high, wide and tightly attached.  

She is a third generation offspring on our farm and we are excited to see her mature into her second year and beyond. 

She had twin buckling this year (2017) and will be bred to Avenger for 2018 kids. 


ADGA Horizons Bluff Milschnitte

DOB: 1/22/16

Schnitte is a FF yearling giving over a gallon a day. She comes from heavy milking lines and she is pictured as an 8 month old above with all her fluffy winter woolies ;-)   

We shall have to get a nicer picture of her all shaved down :) Trust me, she is much more feminine.  

She has wonderful teat size, length and placement for handmilking and it is such a pleasure to milk her!  We want to see improvement in udder attachment and we know Act will stamp that onto her daughter this year as Act is a wonderful buk for improving udders!! 

She kidded in March 2017 with mixed twins.  We are retaining the doeling, named Kirsche, below! 

Schnitte will be bred to Avenger for 2018 kids: 1st doeling retained
Doeling: 300.00
Buckling: N/A (whethers only)


And now....the   BOYS!! 

ADGA Shady Lawn Bold Avenger

DOB: 2016

We are excited to own this proven yearling buck who has excelled nicely in the ring and will hopefully stamp his powerful front end on Ella's line who needs a bit "beefing up" in that area :) 
he has thrown nice kids in his previous herd and we look forward to kids for the 2017/2018 breeding season.  

We plan to use him on all our mature does above. 


  ADGA  Shady Lawn  A Time to Act

S: South-Fork: SK Class Act  (pictured above at 4 years old))
D: Mint*Leaf About Time

He has sired 4 doelings we are retaining for now in 2017.  We need new blood and so are now parting with him.

Pictures above:
1- SIRE: South Fork SK Class Act (pictured as an 8 year old, and scored 93 EEEE)
2- DAM: Mint*Leaf About Time

(pictures courtesy of April- Shady Lawn Dairy Goats)


REFERENCE BUCK: ADGA C Justice Sanctified
DOB: 3/13/2014

S: Autumn-Acres Justified
D:  Mint Leaf Champaigne

Justice is pictured here as he sired Shomera above, whom we kept. He has gone to a friends farm, in a buck swap and will return back to us in a couple years.

He is a very dairy boy and sports a long, level topline and beautiful rump.
Below are pictures of his sire (Autumn Acres Justified) and his dam (Mint*Leaf Champaigne)