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Joyful Noise Farm



UPDATE!!!  New litter of pups expected around third week of August 2017 from Channing and Jed. 

Visit our FB Pyrenees page for up to date information on puppy births, pictures, etc.
Joyful Noise AKC Great Pyrenees

PLEASE, read our info carefully ,and if you decide you want one of the majestic creatures to own you, OOPS...I mean, YOU own one of these majestic creatures (lololol).... then send us a message through our contact forms page or an e-mail:
[email protected] 

And now to introduce our dogs!! :) ..............

AKC Princess Channing
DOB: July 4th, 2011

She is a wonderful dog  and has blended in nicely to our farm. Channing comes from Twisty Creek Farm and her line have Mon Ami and Raspberry and working lines.  She possesses FANTASTIC guarding skills, being very attentive to the flock... and is especially good with young ones.  She ADORES children, the smaller, the better and has never shown aggression to humans, but is rightfully wary of strangers but friendly.   She can definitely intimidate when need be.  She is a beautiful girl, full of poise and dignity.

Both of her parents are cleared for hip dysplasia using PENN Hip.  Her parents are cleared of elbow dysplasia, using OFA.

 Her pups are $650, pet only.  Spay/neuter mandated in contract.  

 Channing..watching carefully!

Her pedigree is as follows:

Dam is Twisty Creek Farm Katee Rose:

Sire is Limberlost Calypso Mon Amie:



"The Pyr needs a fenced yard with a visible barrier to remind him to stay home. Without that barrier, he will consider the world to be his territory and think he has to guard it all."



 AKC  Legacy Ridge Commodore
Jedidiah of Shiloh, CGC
(DOB: March 20th, 2012)  
OFA cleared of dysplasia- hips/elbows

"Jed": 12 weeks old in the above picture

Jed is our sire who is a working LGD, companion and therapy dog as well.  He wears many hats on our farm.  Born March 20th 2012, he is a laid back and friendly guy!  Low play drive and is content to accompany us on farm chores or up to the house or on a car ride.  He is very smart and mastered several commands at a young age.   He is amiable, friendly but intimidating!  He stands 30 inches at shoulder and is about 120 pounds.  He has his AKC Canine Good Citizens title and has done therapy work at nursing homes and the like in the past, with our oldest daughter, Kira. 

(March 2014) Jed- 2 years old...just passed his CGC and earned his title.  



Considering adding one of these puppies to your family or farm?

Please, please, PLEASE do your research.  At 8 weeks old ,these pups are ALL cute, loveable and unassuming.  DO NOT BE FOOLED.  The big pyrs you see and adore at your friend's , your neighbor's down the street, at the vet office- they all have a story and lots of training behind them.  For every 5 well trained pyrs, there is 1 badly trained pyr.
PYRS are SUPER smart and super sensitive and know what they can and cannot get away with.  You MUST establish alpha leadership for your new pup.   All members of your family MUST do this as well...or your new puppy may well do it for you.
Here are some links to get you started...

The Ground Work to Becoming Your Puppy's Pack Leader
by Ed Frawley

Who's in Charge Here?

Nothing In Life is Free

Visit our  New puppy/Pyrenees FAQ page,  for lots of good info on choosing a breed, new puppies, and specific information of Great Pyrenees!  

Also, scroll down to owner testimonials and pictures of  their dogs/puppies are at bottom of  this page!


 "The breed's absence from the obedience ring is a testimony to its independence, not a comment on its intelligence. " 


General INFO:

Many people are startled to find out that the Pyrenees breed here in America is resembling less and less of its origins in France. Watch this you tube video to see what the original breed still is there.


Click here: The Great Pyrenees as a breed

This breed is not only very intelligent AND independent, but "can be" stubborn and willful, just as other independent breeds like Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes!  Knowing this, one should be prepared when training a puppy from its earliest days!  A firm and confident owner is a must as well as consistent rules!  If you do not assert dominance over the puppy, he or she may quickly assume leadership of the house/farm.  While you want a confident dog with your stock, it needs to know that YOU AND YOUR FAMILY are alpha!  This can be accomplished with much patience and persistence early on.


Health issues:  I have been asked about health issues with this breed.  Honestly, one of the other reasons we have fallen in love with them (as if their winsome ways were not enough!), is that they have very few problems.  Hip dysplasia, a problem with most of the large breed dogs, can also plague the Pyrenees.  Another potential health issue seen in this breed is the high incidence of bone cancer (again, as in other large breed dogs).  Osteosarcoma is a fairly common tumor type when bone cancer DOES strike.  Bone cancer makes up about 5% of all cancers in dogs, and osteosarcoma makes up probably 90% of the bone cancers we do see.  It is theorized that bone cancer is common amongst rapidly growing large breed dogs of heavy bone (rotts, mastiffs, newfies, great danes...pyrs).  Interestingly enough, the less densely boned Pyrs (and what the original stock that comes from France is made of) seem to not be plagued as much with this as the pyrs in America are...could this be due to pushing a denser bone structure and rapid growth?? hmmm....
There is also a link between early spay/neuter and this bone cancer.  Because of this, we now recommend to spay/neuter around 9 months- 1 year old, UNLESS one is having a behavioral shift cropping up in their males around 6 months of age.

 Other problems seen are:  entropion (eyelids rolling in and causing tearing/irritation) and seizures (rare), elbow dysplasias, luxating patellas, congenital heart issues, stomach torsion/bloat (GDV) .


Pros and cons of this breed:

Positives: Loyal, devoted, affectionate, BEAUTIFUL!!, laid back, low energy, excellent guarding instinct, low metabolism, adapted to thriving in harsh/outdoor climates, intelligent, very few health problems, THRIVES with children and other smaller animals like cats, PROTECTIVE. 

Negatives: large dog, sheds like crazy, can be stubborn/willful due to its independence of man (humans bred them for this!!), generally not food motivated, tendency to roam, potential food aggression, potential resource guarding, can be prone to hip dysplasia and bone cancer, average life span 10-11 years, prone to excessive barking, not likely to want to engage in activities like fetch, frisbee, etc.

 ~*~If you are looking for a dog that is lively, energetic,  LOVES to play fetch, and basically lives to please you, then this is NOT the dog for you.  

However, if you desire a dog that is aloof, beautiful, majestic, laid back, friendly, protective when it needs to be, then perhaps this is the perfect breed! ~*~



             We do not currently show our dogs professionally,  they are simply working dogs on our farm.  Jed (our sire) does do 4H with our children and currently  works with our 14 year old through PetPals, reaching out to nursing homes, etc, as a therapy dog.

Regardless of not being in the professional level show ring, 
our desire is to offer a well rounded puppy with excellent genetics behind them at an affordable price, whether for farm-work, therapy work, or a family companion.   Our animals are treated with love and compassion and given excellent care. The puppies will be vet checked to insure proper health and development and also receive appropriate dewormings at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age.  First puppy shots will be given starting at 7 weeks old and a complete puppy record will accompany each puppy placed in a home.  We take great care in socializing all our pups...even the livestock guarders!!  We feel this is SO vital from about 3 weeks on, to handle the pups and give them reassurance and confidence.

Puppies will have limited registration with AKC. When you provide us with documented proof of spay/neuter, we give you the AKC registration papers and you just mail it in with the fee. "Limited registration" simply means you will not have breeding rights with AKC unless previously cleared by us and the appropriate fee is paid on top of the "pet price".  Again, any breeding animal will be sold at  $800.00 to approved homes only after extensive interviewing!


EARLY LIFE OF OUR PUPS (our process of what we do from womb to your new home): 


2 weeks old:  
We have the mama whelp in our better for them, for from 0- 3 weeks old, they are with us. We  handle them daily (sometimes more!!) as their eyes open.  We do not do much besides petting/handling ears,feet,bellies and talking softly. All pups get their 2 week deworming.

3-4 weeks of age:
They are now moved out to the barn with their mama and started on a puppy food "mash" (we use a corn and wheat free puppy chow mixed with our goat milk we milk on our farm, if  goats are in milk), which they hungrily slurp down!   We turn on blow dryers vacuums, etc.. near them to get them used to different noises.
e puppies are further randomly exposed to a variety of different stimuli and noises in order to get them used to change, in addition to the continuation of the handling mentioned above.  Our training is purposeful and consistent.  They become quite at home with goats, sheep, poultry (ducks), cats and other dogs as they will do their early growing right in the same area as these animals.  A second deworming is done! 

We put on their color coded collars to start paying attention to specifics in personality coming forward in each pup.

 5 weeks old
 We start to teach all puppies that mouthing, jumping up on us and "paw placing" are all unacceptable. 
We  START to tighten down our  observations of their personalities going INTO the 6th week and roughly divide them into the 2 groups mentioned above.  We bring them in small groups of 2-4 pups, up to the house and get them used to new environments. We now allow "preliminary picks" by our buyers, keeping in mind, one does not get their primary pick always and personalities are still forming.

6 weeks:

Third deworming!  Getting a better handle now on the dominant versus submissive pups at  this stage of the game.  They are all learning their places in their pack hierarchy of the litter and of us. More timid pups are given extra attention. More bold pups are given more discipline. We start figuring out who will do well with long traveling like flying...and start taking that pup on car rides with a safety harness for cars.  We start crate training at this age which is more along the lines of making appealing, a covered "den" of blankets over the crate that they like to crawl into for short bursts of time. We place our pups with lower play drives and more of the guarder personality, in with ducks and other poultry to see their reactions and get them more used to well as correcting them.  We use newborn lambs and goats also if that is the time of year we have a litter.

7 weeks 
First puppy booster is given now.  Visitors can come visit and make a preliminary pick if they are local.  Pups are taken on more car rides and personality specs are getting sharper. 
Volhard assessment is used on the pups. We now start matching pups with owners (most pick without physically meeting the pup as we give updates and detailed puppy personality profiles) and arranging for travel or pickup. 

8 weeks: Many of the pups are now starting to leave our home/farm:  A good bath, grooming, nail trim and assembling the puppy care packs as we get ready to send them off.    Puppy folder packs are assembled and final arrangements made for puppy pick-ups or ground/air transport. 

Pups that are going as LGD work on our farm may or many be bathed, depending on if they need it or not. At this point, puppies that are suitable for breeding, will be identified .
Please note, that your "place" of picking may be usurped by our right to hold back a pup for breeding purposes.  Even if someone comes in late but they are breeders and pass our policy of who should breed, we will honor that over deposits that have been paid ahead of the person.  They are paying more (800.00) and that right is given.


  "Mathun is truly a gentle GIANT , will take some pics today for you.  He is so playful . You breed wonderful stock and we are so glad Shelly recommended you.  You may recall that you selected Mathun for us based upon your evaluation to fit our desires-  large male, loving personality, intelligent, compatible with our other five dogs, easily trained- you could not have done better."  - Owner in West Virgina of one of our pups





IF, after doing the research, you are interested in one of our puppies, please  contact Lori at [email protected]. At that time, we will ask you to fill out a survey (or talk with Lori via a phone conversation) to get a feel for your environment, life-style, and what-not. 

 **If we do not feel this breed is a good match for you, we will assist you in choosing a dog breed more suitable for your needs/wants. **

PRICE: $650.00

 If pre-approved as a home for one of our pups, you may send a non-refundable $100.00 deposit (paypal, money order or cashier's check ONLY) to hold a puppy.  The deposit will go towards the final purchase price of 600.00 of your puppy.

No deposit is accepted until a female is deemed pregnant.

The remaining balance is due at pick-up of your puppy (pups leave at 8 weeks of age minimum/ 9 weeks of age maximum, UNLESS prior arrangements are made)



If circumstances dictate that we need to hold your puppy longer than 10 weeks of age, we require an additional fee to cover the cost of food, continued training, vaccines, and housing.  We cannot always accommodate so be sure to inquire before assuming. If the barn is overflowing due to kidding/lambing time, many times, we cannot hold a puppy as we simply have no room!

Prices are $40.00 a week extra and if it is a half week, it will be rounded up to the next week.  So if pick up is at 12 1/2 weeks old, the extra fee is for THREE weeks (not 2 1/2) or 120.00 extra. 



Will you fly my puppy?

Yes!  But it is rare and only in select circumstances will this be done. 

If we approve it, you are responsible for the cost of the crate ($65-70), the cost of the health certificate ($45) that needs to accompany the puppy, and the airline ticket ($350-$450).   The above fees are over the cost of what we ask for the puppy.  So total cost for a puppy can approach $1,200 or more.  Please keep this in mind.   ALL monies involved in purchasing the pup and the extra fees are due BY THE TIME THE PUP LEAVES OUR FARM.

**Another alternative we have been using since 2012 with GREAT results, is ground  transport.  We have a couple reliable transporters we use. 

We have satisfied owners who LOVED this experience. We have used ground transporters to take our pups to  the various east coast states, New Jersey, Texas, Michigan...

Prices can range from 50.00 (within Ohio), 100.00-150 (neighboring states of Ohio) up to 500.00 and more to places like OR, CA, etc).  Pups recently were transported to WI (200), TN (200), OR (500).

If you DO use ground transport you are responsible for purchasing  the following and having it shipped to ordering these (we like amazon) and shipping them to our home 2 weeks before schedule departure:
1) An "Easy harness" or similar car safety restraint. We like these for value and durability and adjustability. The size medium is good for the age of the pup when it goes home. Make sure if anothe brand, it comes with t he car safety belt latch.
2) A blanket or crate pad (like the crate pad cause you can use it later for at home in your crate for the pup!)








Why buy one of our pups? 


-Very concerned about the Great Pyrenees being protected as a breed.  Desire to see its breed characteristics uninhibited and not altered.We greatly respect and adhere to the practices set forth by these reputable breeders of the true working LGD PyreneesGreat Pyrenees for flock or companion

-One of the team members of the Joyful Noise breeding team is also a VETERINARIAN and as such, is well versed in dogs and especially dog behavior.  Great Pyrenees are one of her passions!  Lori got her DVM from The Ohio State University in 1999 and worked as an associate in small animal medicine for 10 plus years. 

-An optional puppy folder with various educational articles we feel Pyr owners should get with their new puppy, If they have not raised this breed before.  We also provide a detailed health record  included with each folder, whether or not you want the articles.  

- A bar of our specially formulated "canine dog soap" made with goats milk and citronella, lemongrass and other pleasant smelling essential oils   :)

-Extensive, purposeful socialization and training from an early age. 

-   We spend  time getting to know our prospective buyers (it takes a lot of time to process the questionnaires, answer questions, etc.). We also try to develop life long relationships with our buyers, being there for the life of your dog.  We aid in rescue work of Pyrs.

- Puppies (and mom!) are fed a high quality puppy food while here in our care...we use Diamond Natural, Large breed puppy.  

-Each puppy gets a bath with our gentle and mild goats milk soap, a nail trim and a good grooming before leaving our farm to their new home/farm. Pups that are going as guard dogs to a farm, generally get the bath part skipped unless REALLY dirty ;-)

-  We use our experience with dogs and the Pyrenees make-up, and take the time to observe the pups and place them accordingly where we feel they will do best.  PLEASE NOTE, we ARE human, and despite our best attempts, these pups are not robots...we NEVER guarantee a certain personality...and we cannot be held responsible for things that crop up later like 'resource guarding"..potentially a BAD problem with Great Pyrenees.  We do not live with you or know your family intricacies.

 - A written contract that may be reviewed before making a commitment to a puppy.  A spay and neuter clause with-in our contract to cut down on the pet over-population problem.  

.-These pups are NOT  born and raised in a puppy mill setting!  We  own 2 intact females and one intact male. We may or may not have other rescue pyrs in our midst  that are being evaluated for suitable homes. Puppies are handled lovingly and multiple times per day by our family. They have been exposed to people ,children, goats, ducks, sheep, CATS!  We plan to add a second female later.

--Our dogs are not only livestock guarders, they do double duty in being companions and friends! We are known to take our pyrs out on occasion for a jaunt at the park, a car ride to the pet store, a hike in the woods, etc. Contrary to popular belief, this does not "MESS UP" the dog's ability to guard. That said, we do discourage owners from doing this with PUPPIES who are in LGD training. We only do this with older dogs who know what is expected of them!

--We usually prefer to take unwanted pups back. This is a rarity, BUT it happens! We work with the pup/dog and try to re-home it into a situation that is best for the pup/dog.  We also work with pyr owners who may have pyrs not from us, that need to surrender a pyr for whatever reason.

--Read the testimonies of current Pyr owners and see for yourself :)
(scroll down to the very bottom of the page)



               ~We breed the Great            
Pyrenees for form, function              
and temperament.          
Put one of these dogs to work            
for you today! ...        

             Who/what do YOU              
want to protect?~

Thank you for your interest in our dogs!!

God bless!
We do ALL things for HIS glory!!!


Happy owners! Happy puppies/dogs!

Quigon- a Josie/Jed pup from April 2014. 
130 pounds and a wonderful livestock guardian!!

 Noah! (Josie/Jed pup..6 months old here)




(Hava/Apollo litter).  4 months old.  Protective, fearless and lotsa energy!






Sweet, friendly, good guarder!

(Josie/Samson litter)







(Josie/Samson litter).  Big guy who proved to be a bit stubborn and willful but is settling in nicely :)





                                            OXLEY!!!  A well loved family pet!               (Josie/Samson litter)







120 lbs at a year of age. (passed away from a tick borne illness!  A dearly missed dog by his family)





                                                       Beautiful "Shasta"

....all 135 pounds of her!!  Fulfilling her role as an LGD                                                            for this family's goat farm! (Josie/Samson litter) 



A sweet girl who blended in seamlessly to a family with 2 other dogs.   (She is listed above at 3 and then 6 weeks of age under the same name under females for Hava's May litter). She is about 6 months old here.





(Josie/Samson litter)

A special pup that was demonstrated quite the unnatural pyr tendency to "play fetch" as a youngster. His family is truly delighted in him!   He was one of our "smallest males", is quite the scale tipper!











 (Josie/Samson litter)






dearly loved "gentle giant" yet protective!


  Testimonials from current owners:

Hi Joyful Noise.. I wanted to send you a photo of Qui-gon from Josie and collar. He has been a fantastic LGD and we just wanted to keep you updated, April will be his first birthday and wanted to share a photo of him to you. Thanks again for everything and blessings to you and yours. Ann Fisher (2014)


From a sheep farmer (and dentist!!) who  has owned several Pyrenees before buying one of our pups:  

" He is doing great..the best one we have ever had.  Do you plan to have more sometime..if so, I would be interested in another..thanks for your commitment to raising quality Pyrenees" 

(...when informed we did not have a puppy available right now but had friends who did have pups on  the ground,  his response was:)

 "I think I would prefer to wait for your next litter since I am so pleased with Ralph.  Please keep in touch as things proceed."  -Dr John

Added a second puppy (a female) to his male he had from us above..he wrote again recently:

" She is doing well and the two dogs get along as I had hoped.  I am very pleased.  She is growing well and Ralph is absolutely huge."


"Just wanted to let you know that Deano is doing very well! Everyone loves him (except the cats, which have been pretty much out of sight since his arrival!) He has had only one accident and begins to whine when he needs to go out. He is enjoying playing in the backyard with an old ball and comes in when we call him. He has already brought us much joy! Thanks again!"   -B. C. from Ohio



" Mathun is truly a gentle GIANT , will take some pics today for you.  He is so playful . You breed wonderful stock and we are so glad Shelly recommended you.  You may recall that you selected Mathun for us based upon your evaluation to fit our desires-  large male, loving personality, intelligent, compatible with our other five dogs, easily trained- you could not have done better."  - D  from West Virginia



From a grandmother who was caring for her daughter's family's new puppy while they were away for a few days:

"This puppy is a pure delight. I was wondering if you are planning on another litter this spring or summer. Merry Christmas to you - and thank you for an awesome gift for my grandchildren, they are going to be so happy!"


  "We had our family Christmas party today, and he was so calm, well-behaved, and quiet.  We almost couldn't believe how sweet he is!  "


"He seems to be growing fast.  We love him and are enjoying his personality very much.  We'll send some pictures shortly. " -M and K of  Ohio


"He's a friendly dog! We just love him to death. We give him at least 10 hugs a day and at least one massage a day!  He loves our female chow and she just adores him!   Jude likes high places and is a good watcher, giving an alarm for people driving down our road a mile away.  He has a ferocious voice...does not excessively bark!  He has never offered to bite any visitors to our farm.  He is at least 140 to 150 pounds!"      -T of North Carolina


"We have a pyr from Joyful Noise we received last Dec. He is a wonderful big boy! He has a great temperament and is very smart and already a great protector. We are very happy with Boomer! These are very conscientious breeders! "- S.R.  from Missouri


"I bought a boy Great Pyr from Don and Lori for Christmas 2009, and they couldn't have been more helpful. I asked many questions about the breed, and I also found it useful to peruse their website as it has information about the temperament. My puppy is now about a year and a half, and he is the kindest most gentle dog I've ever known." -M. from Toledo


     "Noah is doing great and I have attached a picture of him with his best friend, Olivia... He is a gorgeous dog and a gentle giant... We have had numerous people approach us about having one of his offspring." -J from PA


"Here is our wonderful 135 pound puppy! She is beautiful and has the best disposition ever. It took her awhile to figure out what she was actually doing out there but now we hear her up all night barking away. Her territory is within an electric fence so she comes right up to the edge to bark at other dogs, coyotes, etc. We are very happy with her." - P from Ohio
  "Delaney is doing great! She has joined the poodle pack with no trouble and the cats really like her too. ...She has blended in seemlessly to our family and we love her tons!! ...Thanks again and we'll send Christmas pictures of the clan."- JT from Ohio
 "Samson"  is absolutely wonderful!  He has a great disposition, though is still somewhat fearful and reactive. We work on that all the time.  He loves his walks and frolics around the yard with the others. He is very good in the house, despite his puppiness.....getting into things he shouldn't. He is a hit in the neighborhood and the vet techs love him.  He really loves people and is so good with the little boy I watch. He will be neutered the day before Thanksgiving. He doesn't mind his baths, thankfully.  He makes me very happy!  Thanks again for letting me have him." -JY from Ohio
"He has a great personality,  is getting big, and just loves his sheep.  He is such a sweetheart.  "Beth" (name changed to protect privacy) was very impressed and I would guess that she will want one of Hava?s next litter...
     Another sheep friend of mine saw Grady when he was about 14 weeks and she has had a lot of experience with pyrs and her flock and she too thought he was great.  Showing the behaviors necessary for a LGD.  So it is safe to say that we love him. He is so sweet."- P from Ohio

"I have the very best puppy in Samson! He had his 1st indoor tub bath today and he was sooooooooo wonderful! Did not even try to get out at all! Of course it might have helped that I had treats in my pocket! But he was like oh this feels good! Sat down in the tub which made it very easy to do! What a good pup he has been all along! Thanks to Joyful Noise Farm for raising such super Great Pyrs!" - S from MO




More testimonials and pictures!!!

This is Oz (pictured below), owned by Gabi!! He is a Jed "mini me"
This is "Lothy" :)  A Josie/Jed puppy, DOB: Oct 2013. 
  Then and now!   She is relaxing and hanging out with her owner!


Gunnar, a Channing/Jed pup spring, 2014  :) HAPPY boy!  Says owner, Sarah Dulaney: 
"He is so smart. He roll over and plays fetch!"