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Joyful Noise Farm



Other areas of interest and passion in our family besides our farm !!

ROSH PINAH Messianic Synagogue

Our current place of worship.  We are so blessed by the love and care by this local group of Believers here in NE Ohio.

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Beth Yeshua India and BYI

We support and come alongside Beth Yeshua India (CBY India) through Beth Yeshua International. A most powerful work Elohim is moving in this country.  Brother Samuel and sister Mani are dear brethren in Messiah and we have enjoyed getting to know them over telephone and messaging.   If you care to read more or see what He is doing in this country, please visit Beth Yeshua India. 

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a past-time our family dabbled in and while Lori is the only one actively engaged right now in it, it is hopeful that she can talk her husband back into it and Elijah, the 13 year old, has expressed a desire to return back to it.  Krav Maga is an Israeli style of self defense developed by the IDF (Israeli military) years ago. It is effective and has "no rules".  We do know and realize that preparation is always good but like with anything, we know it is not the "be all, end all".   Krav has taught discipline and continuing  on, even in the face of fatigue, fear, or exhaustion; prinicples that ANY soldier of Messiah ought to practice diligently!


Lori served as a  4-H advisor for 2 years and all 3 children are active in their local 4-H chapter.  Animals are of course the mainstay projects ,with the waterfowl being the great passion.  Kira and Naomi love the ducks, and Elijah is into the ducks and also geese!

Naomi also enjoys  dog obedience and agility with our border collie, Kaya!